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A look back in time

When you think about the ancient past of the Earth, you probably think of flora and fauna as being nothing but Dinosaurs and Ferns. But discoveries made by scientists have revealed that the oldest Flower known to us is not, in fact, the Montsechia Vidalii as previously thought. The aquatic plant lived underwater in areas of Spain that have long since been replaced by mountain ranges. Considered by many scientists to have been nothing more than a weed, this plant was indeed the oldest Angiosperm (Flowering Plant) for many years. Dated to 130 Million years ago this flower “bloomed” in the Cretaceous Period.

However, a plant fossil was discovered in China that surpassed Montsechia Vidalii in age by quite a margin. Nanjinganthus Dendrostyl has been dated to 174 Million years old and currently stands as the World’s most former known flowering plant.

 The Flower was around in the early Jurassic Period at the same time as the Dinosaurs.

Why flowers appeared remains a mystery. The reason for plants evolving this way is up for discussion amongst scientists. We know that there was an explosion of flowers during the Cretaceous Period, compared to what went before, must have been a dazzling display to behold.

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