How to Care For Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Daisy Bumbles

Caring For Your Cut Flowers

Six Simple Rules

At Daisy Bumbles Florist, we pride ourselves on presenting you with the Finest and Freshest bouquets and flower arrangements quickly and professionally.

We give you the best of the best blooms, making a real statement piece when you get them home. However, how long they stay looking their best is down to the individual flowers lifespan once cut and the aftercare they receive.

Once the flowers are in your home, the first job is to find a suitable vase.

Rule Number One:

The vase you choose for your flowers must be washed, making sure any previous residue cleaned away. Bacteria from reused or unwashed vessels can severely reduce the life of the flowers, so even if your swapping flowers straight over, make sure the vase is clean of any 

Rule Number Two:

Once you have a clean vessel, the next task is to prepare your flowers. The flowers will have been cut once by the Florist. You will need to make your slanted cut approximately 2-3cm above the original cut. The slanted cut serves two purposes. The first stop the stem hitting the base of the vase flush thereby cutting off its water supply, and secondly, the slant creates a larger surface area for the water to travel up the stem more easily.

Rule Number Three:

Remove any leaves that will be below the water line once in the vase. These will only rot if left on and result in the flowers taking in contaminated water.

Rule Number Four:

Do not fill your vase with Cold Water. Tap water will need to warm up to room temperature before placing any flowers in it. The exception to this rule is  Spring Bulbs.  Daffodil and the Tulip which much prefer to be in cold water. Add the tiniest amount of bleach to the water to help inhibit any bacterial growth and don’t forget the supplied liquid feed. An alternative to the liquid feed would be to add a spoonful of sugar.

Rule Number Five:

When it comes to placing your vase, there are a few considerations that need taking into account. Firstly, placing the vessel in direct sunlight is going to harm the flowers and will drastically reduce their vase lifespan. Siting near any heat source such as a radiator will have the same result as will placing them in a position that’s prone to droughts. It is also wise to keep any your flowers away from fruit bowls as fruit releases a gas that shortens the lifespan of cut flowers.

Rule Number Six:

Change the water in your vase every couple of days. Providing fresh water and food will prolong the life of your display. Dirty vase water is the enemy of the cut flower!

By following these rules, all the flowers you buy from Daisy Bumbles Florist in Toll End, Tipton, will keep fresh for the longest time.

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