Fresh flowers and your pets

Flowers and your pets

Advice for Pet Owners

Be Aware some flowers are not safe for your Cats and Dogs

We all love flowers. They brighten up the room and add fresh fragrance, making for a relaxed environment. However, for many people, that environment is shared with our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, some flowers can pose a danger to Dogs and Cats that may not be obvious to the casual flower buyer. 

So, here at Daisy Bumbles Florist, we have compiled a list of the most common flowers that are safe and unsafe for domestic pets. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have any doubts about the flowers you are buying, please consult the Florist.

So first we will take a look at the flowers that pose no risk to the average pet in the street.

First up, you’ll be relieved to hear the ROSE. That great all-purpose flower that can convey so many messages to a loved one. Dogs or Cats can nibble away on this beauty forever and a day and will come to no harm. As, probably, the most prolific flower brought from Florists, it’s just as well!

Next is the ORCHID, a low maintenance plant that is again, a common choice. When this flower blooms, it’s a hypnotising sight to behold. Still safe to be sampled by a curious pet, the Orchid is the perfect option to send to a friend with a pet.

DAISIES and SUNFLOWERS come under this category too. While it’s probably a good idea to attempt to put these out of reach, they are harmless should your pet fancy a nibble. Sunflowers are something of an enigma within the group of preserved flowers as they can be beneficial if eaten. We are aware of the vitamins contained within Sunflower seeds that can help our health. The same is true for your pets, and the leaves and petals can also aid with phlegm and coughing problems.

ASTER is an excellent choice for lovers of animals and nature. As a display, they are a unique and safe option and planted outdoors, they attract butterflies and importantly bees who are struggling more and more with their food chain.

The ALSTROEMERIA (PERUVIAN LILY) looks great in a bouquet and pair well with ROSIES for a colourful display. Adding some FERN into the mix compliments the show with a splash of green. All three together make an ideal non-toxic arrangement.

The SPIDER PLANT is another pet-friendly plant that is deficient maintenance and can prove to be pretty hard to kill. This is the ideal gift to someone who proclaims “all plants die on me!”. If you can execute a Spider Plant than you have a problem!

Before we go onto the list of flowers to avoid, we have an essential message about LILIES. Beautiful they may well be but, Lilies are incredibly toxic to cats, and many varieties are also toxic to dogs. There are a few Lilies that are not harmful, but for safety, it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Flowers and plants that are poisonous to cats include:

Amaryllis, Autumn CrocusAzaleas and RhododendronsCastor BeanChrysanthemumCyclamenEnglish IvyKalanchoeLiliesMarijuanaOleanderPeace Lily, Pothos, Sago Palm, Spanish Thyme and Yew.

The above Names in Bold are also poisonous to dogs. Also, Dogs should not have access to Baby’s Breath, Daffodils, Tulips, Narcissus Bulbs and Peonies.

We would love you to enjoy all the flowers we sell but not at the expense of your pet’s health, so please be aware of the dangers posed to them when selecting your bouquets At Daisy Bumbles Florist of Toll End, Tipton. 

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