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It will not have escaped your notice, that in recent times, the various wedding anniversaries we celebrate have names attached to them. The convention states that these anniversaries should be marked by the purchase of items matching the name of the special Anniversary you have reached. Social Media have made this list widely known amongst the tech-savvy youngsters who have rediscovered this lost tradition. Due to Royal occasions, the main anniversaries are still entrenched in mind. For the recent Queens Diamond, Gold and, for the older members of the audience, the Silver Jubilee has made these milestone celebrations well known.

But what of the others? Many others have a specific name attached to them. The list has been updated a few times in recent years, most noticeably by the USA. Items have been needlessly added to the list ‘to reflect modern life’ with such gems as an Electrical Appliance Anniversary. “Happy anniversary dear, I’ve brought you a toaster” doesn’t quite have the warmth and affection of the traditional list we adhere to in the UK. As if often said, “if it ain’t broke…..”

 The anniversaries are as follows:

1. Paper 6. Iron 11. Steel 20. China 50. Gold 85. Wine

2. Cotton 7. Copper 12. Silk 25. Silver 60. Diamond 90. Stone

3. Leather 8. Bronze 13. Lace 30. Pearl 65. Sapphire

4. Linen 9. Pottery 14. Ivory 35. Coral 70. Platinum

5. Wood 10. Tin 15. Crystal 40. Ruby 80. Oak

As you’re reading a Blog for Daisy Bumbles Florist, I can sense you’re wondering where the Anniversary is that includes flowers? Where’s the Rose Anniversary or the Lily? Well, the answer is most anniversaries also have a flower attached to them and combining the traditional gift with the matching flower gives you a double whammy of celebration greatness!

So what do you give your loved one for that crucial 1st Anniversary? Well, the paper theme suggests many choices depending on the personal desires of the loved one. Maybe paper tickets to their favourite show, film or festival. Perhaps, a caricature picture of you both, to hang as a more permanent reminder of the day. Whatever paper themed idea you go with, make it extra special with the corresponding flower.

That corresponding flower for the 1st Anniversary is the Carnation. Such a lovely bloom, the Carnation is the perfect flower to kick off your years together. The Carnation itself has meanings dictated by the colour so you can tailor make your bouquet or display to suit you as a couple. By combining the colours, you can symbolise everything you love about your other half, from the love and affection shown by the Dark Red bloom to the gratitude of the PinkWhite, Light Red and Purple indicate Luck, Admiration, Purity and Impulsiveness. However, I would shy away from using Yellow in your colour scheme as that symbolises Disappointment or Rejection! If you need to express that emotion on your first Anniversary, maybe you shouldn’t read any further!

Assuming you haven’t included Yellow in your first flower display, you are free to prepare for the coming years and the flowers associated with them.

For the Second Anniversary, the Cosmos Flower is an ideal choice for this landmark. You’ve settled into married life, and that excitement of being a married couple is still fresh. Greek for Beautiful and Ornamental, the Cosmos flowers vibrant colours and its fragrant scent are just right for bestowing calmness and peace to the home. Its little surprise to know the Cosmos is known as the Love Flower. Give your loved one the Chocolate Cosmos, and that informs them that you love them more than anyone else can. The Chocolate Cosmos, it will not surprise you to learn, gets its name from its deep dark shade of burgundy which looks like it’s made from rich chocolate, although the bloom itself can be anywhere from chocolate to almost light Pink.

The Sunflower is the traditional Third Anniversary flower, symbolising a healthy marriage and a vision of good times ahead. The Fourth and Fifth are expressed by the Geranium and the Daisy respectively and continue to celebrate the ever-strengthening wedding, coming together as a single solid unit and displaying fidelity and loyalty. Your Sixth to Ninth milestones is marked with Calla, Freesia, Lilac and Bird Of Paradise. These years will pass in a flash, and before you know it you’ll be at your Ten Year Milestone!

You have weathered the storms and grown ever closer. On your own you are beautiful, as a couple you are gorgeous! So what flower can reflect all that robustness and beauty? The Daffodil, of course. The first indicator of spring, as it appears in droves as if from nowhere, to brighten the gloom. Rose is next for your Fifteenth year. At this stage, you have been through it all and are still as strong as ever. Rose is the perfect symbol of everlasting love.

As a newly married couple, you may have thought that Twenty Years was a long way off but, suddenly it’s here. How much you have learned about each other in that time. The knowledge and the wisdom you gained was once thought to be enhanced by the Aster in ancient times, and it only fits, therefore that it’s the flower to celebrate. 

Now it is your Silver Wedding Anniversary and in today’s world that is well worth a piece of silver jewellery in anyone’s money. It’s also worthy of a stunning bouquet of Iris’s. Like your marriage, these flowers stand tall and vibrant and symbolise your sturdiness. Approaching your Pearl Anniversary, very often, your kids have moved out, and on with their lives, and you settle into a new phase of your life. Lilies represent remembrance and transition, perfect for you to look back at all you’ve achieved as a family. Reaching your Ruby means you have weathered the test of being alone together after the kids leave. You still have that spark and affection for just each other, and it’s a time to be selfish and enjoy the freedom. The perfect flower for this situation is the Gladiola. They represent all the experiences that have shaped your lives up to this point. The long slender shape and the array of bright colours are an excellent choice for this momentous occasion.

Finally, as far as flower assignment goes, we reach the end with the celebration of a fantastic milestone, your Golden Wedding Anniversary!. To arrive at this moment is an incredible achievement, and everybody who achieves it should be thoroughly applauded for it. With 50% of modern marriages destined for an early bath, this Anniversary deserves the works from you.

So buy the Gold jewellery, celebrate with all your family and Grace the table with a display of Yellow Roses, long associated with this remarkable day but intersperse them with Violets. Its only fitting that this moment in the family history should be worthy of 2 unique flowers.

And there you have it! No excuses now, on what to get your significant other for your anniversaries. May your life together be long and prosperous and filled with flowers from Daisy Bumbles Florist, Toll End, Tipton.

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