Celebrating The Arrival Of A Baby

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Welcome to the world

Is there anything more beautiful than a newborn baby?

Why not celebrate with a flower arrangement from Daisy Bumbles Florist to welcome the little one into the world or as a thank you and well done to mom.

‘It’s all the rage now to know the sex of a baby before birth. Call it eager impatience or planning, the one thing that is growing in popularity year on year is the Gender, Reveal. It seems to be expected these days to try and do the “ultimate” reveal, most likely due to pressure on social media.

Flowers can make the perfect reveal decoration. You need to choose your colour scheme.

It’s only at the turn of the last century that gender colours became the way we recognise them today. During ‘Victoria’s reign and before, the colour associated with boys was pink. Girls were associated with blue. Strange to think considering the colours seem so ingrained in us now.


Blue shaded flowers come in such a broad choice of hues its natural to make a varied display. If you like the traditional look of bold round flowers, then you can’t go far wrong with Hydrangeas. Mix in some greenery and a contrasting colour such as white in a different flower, and you will have a beautiful display becoming of such a beautiful baby.


As with the boys, pink has a lot of options when it comes to flower choice and shades. Try mixing in some other pastel shade flowers in there for a soft all over the bouquet. Roses and Carnations can readily complement each other in an arrangement, but you can always experiment.

 Whichever Gender you end up celebrating, give us a call or pop into our shop in Toll End, Tipton

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