Tipton Cemetery The Zeppelin Raid 1916

Daisy Bumbles Tipton Cemetery

On the 31st January -1st February 1916 during the first world war, nine Zeppelin airships of the Imperial German Navy set out to target the port of Liverpool.

Having travelled over a large city followed by an area of darkness the captain (Kapitanleutnant Max Dietrich ) wrongly assumed that he had passed over Manchester and was over the sea he then turned south-east to bomb his intended target, but he was hopelessly lost, and two Zeppelin airships dropped bombs over the black country.

Three bombs dropped on Waterloo street and Union street. They are followed by three more on Blomfield rd and Barnfield rd. Overall, 14 people lost there lives in Tipton that night, five men, five woman and four children; unfortunately, the Morris family lost three generations.

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