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West Bromwich Albion Funeral Flowers

There are not many everyday things that follow you all through your life. Fashions come and go, trends disappear almost as soon as they arrive and even good friends can fall by the wayside.

One thing that doesn’t change is your team of choice. Once you’ve chosen your side, it’s as good as set in stone for life. Now, if you’re a sensible person, your choice of team is perfectly simple. The nearest geographical team to your location as a child is your team. Alas, the good old days of locals playing for the local team are long gone, and nowadays it’s not unusual for someone’s team to be 100 miles away from them and coincidentally, RICH!

Whomever you support, your passion for the game is unlikely to subside over time. Nowhere is this more true, than here in the Midlands. The famous, some would say infamous, local derby never cease to entertain.
When a lifelong football fan passes away, we get many requests for team-based floral tributes.
Here at Daisy Bumbles Florist in Toll End RD, Tipton, our nearest clubs are West Bromwich Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Walsall but we will cater to any team you need for your loved one. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we can tailor our floral arrangement to suit your needs.
Funeral flower displays are a popular request at our shop, being the closest florist to Tipton Cemetery (literally just down the road) and we love creating them from the freshest, hand picked flowers that we pride ourselves on sourcing from the best of the best suppliers. Nothing is left to chance at Daisy Bumbles Flowers.

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