Quailty​ Flowers Tipton

Quality Flowers

Ensuring quality always

At Daisy Bumbles Florist we strive to bring you the best and freshest flowers it is possible to achieve.

It is our mission to maintain the very high standards we cannot always compete with supermarket flowers on price, but we can always supply the very highest quilty flowers.

Julie Smith, the owner of Daisy Bumbles, is so passionate about this that she doesn’t delegate the task to anyone else. Personally attending at our suppliers, only the best flowers are chosen by Julie to end up at our shop.
As a result, you never have to doubt that any flowers, bouquets, tributes or wreaths will be anything other than impeccable.

At our shop in Toll End, Tipton we get many requests for funeral flowers as we are the closest florist to Tipton Cemetery.

We are proud to be trusted by so many people to provide them with these most critical displays of love and affection. With our personally selected flowers, we can assure you of the best arrangements, always.

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