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Valentines Day

Why Roses?

February 14th, the day synonymous with love and romance. The one day in a busy year when you can set time aside to celebrate your partner with the full support of the nation!

It’s a tradition that roses are given as a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day along with other displays of affection. Not everyone is a fan of roses so, at Daisy Bumbles Florist, we can cater to individual tastes. But why is it that roses are so deeply entrenched into our psyche?

During the 17th Century, there was a movement towards literally “saying it with flowers”. Flowers became messages, from the sweet to the passive-aggressive.

Receiving Yellow Carnations meant the sender was deeply disappointed with you. Sending Purple Hyacinths to a person showed regret, remorse and an apology for your behaviour. You can probably guess where we are going with this, and yes, the Rose was indeed a show of love and affection.

This probably stems from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, of whom it was said, rose bushes grew from the ground wet with her tears. When the Romans came along they “adopted” Aphrodite and turned her into Venus and hijacked the Rose, continuing the association with love and beauty. So when St. Valentine came on the scene, the obvious choice for celebrating love was the Rose.

At Daisy Bumbles Flowers, we can cater for your Valentine’s needs whichever flower you choose to show your love for your partner.

To continue celebrating a lover no longer with us, as the nearest Florist to Tipton Cemetery, trust Daisy Bumbles Florist to provide your floral displays.